Finally got the much awaited call from my surgeons office! My surgery is scheduled for August 23rd!!!! I can’t believe it’s only 11 days away. Everyone keeps asking if I am scared and honestly no I’m not. I will probably start getting nervous a few days before maybe, I mean it is a surgery after all. But mainly I’m so excited I can’t stand it.

I don’t think it has really hit me yet. I’m just trying to plan everything out with work and boarding my pups etc etc.

August 17th I have to go to in to the hospital where my surgery is being done and sit through a nutrition class and have blood work done. Then the next day on the 18th I start my 5 day liquid diet. Which while I’m not looking forward to this AT ALL, I’m grateful that I’m only required to do the 5 days!

I can’t believe that after over a year of waiting I’m so close to my new life!



6 Month Supervised Diet COMPLETE

The long awaited moment has arrived! Friday 7/28/17 was my sixth and final month of supervised diet for insurance. I know not everyone is required to do this, but for my insurance it is required…bummer but at least I’m not going to have to pay the full amount.

I have to say it wasn’t as bad as I sometimes made it out to be, I mean yeah I wish I could have already had the surgery by now but I think it will give me an even greater appreciation for the Surgery (btw I’m talking about VSG, a type of weight loss surgery) I spoke to my surgeons office today and they have submitted everything to insurance so now it’s in their hands…I don’t even know what I will do if they deny it…Seriously I can’t even think about it.

If everything with Insurance goes smoothly the surgeon’s office lady said she’s confident I could have the surgery before August is over. I think she said he had openings on the 26th and 28th. Fingers crossed!

I am so excited for this new journey, I have never been so sure of anything in my life. I know it’s going to require hard work and a complete overthrow of my old habits but I am 100% ready.

Bring it on!

Pre-VSG Appointments

This morning I made the pain-staking journey to St.Louis for my “pre-op appointments.” First things first….I DESPISE driving in St.Louis and try to avoid it if at all possible. It’s about a two hour drive from where I live and I had to be there at 830. Being the anxious worrywart that I am I felt the need to leave WAY too early. Now in order to really appreciate the situation fully you should know how exhausted I am. It is 7/17 and I have had two days off so far this month, made worse by the fact that I work 12 hour shifts. I am so far behind in sleep that I really just want to take some NyQuil and slip into a nice comatose state.

Last night I got home about 930 and fell into a pretty good sleep until I woke up at 1am to go to the bathroom and then could not for the life of me go back to sleep. My mind did that adorable thing where it doesn’t shut up…you know creating imaginary scenarios of what could happen at my appointments, and just thinking of anything and everything that could go wrong. Not to mention my fear of sleeping through my alarm and missing my appointments….Needless to say I was (and still am) running on fumes.

When I got to the hospital (which I’m not sure if I will share which hospital that is) the woman at the reception did not see my name on the “schedule” which nearly made my heart stop. Luckily after looking on her computer and making some calls she figured out what was going on and everything worked out.

The receptionist gave me a “patient passport” which essentially had the times and locations of all my appointments on it…see below…

As you can see they were all back to back and a lot quicker than I had anticipated which was fantastic. My first stop was the Psych Consult..I can’t say I was very impressed by this experience. Walking into his office I was welcomed very warmly….by the smell of BO…..the psychiatrist was less than friendly. When he did talk it was yes or no questions or he was sort of answering for me. “You have a good support system? yes?” or “You’ve tried different types of diets? correct?” He also had a thick (I believe Indian accent) and was pretty difficult to understand. All of this topped off by the incessant ringing of his phone…. It was not at all what I was expecting, which is sort of a good thing since I was expecting very deep and personal questioning. Blessing in disguise I suppose.

Next stop was the Dietary Consult. I actually really like the nutritionist I spoke to. She was very friendly while also being straight forward and not sugar coating anything (pun intended.) She thoroughly answered the couple of questions I had about bariatric product brands and also hair loss. Overall I was happy with that appointment.

The EKG was a first for me. I’m still not overly excited about lifting up my shirt for random strangers, odd right??

The Spirometry test was a bit odd, mainly because it was in a tiny closet… Seriously the poor guy’s office reminded me of Ryan’s office from The Office. Wait for it……

Related image

Last but not least was the Chest X-ray, that was pretty straight forward. I mean having to take my bra off was not ideal but all in all it was pretty painless. Stand like this, breath in, hold it, breathe out…done.

So that’s about it, all in all not bad. Sorry if this wasn’t super in depth, I’ve been up since 1am and am stuck here at work until 6am….yay me…

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Adult Tonsillectomy


I should have written this sooner but I figured better late than never, so here I am sharing my Tonsillectomy experience. Last Novemberish I had gone to see a Sleep Medicine doctor because I pretty much knew (and everyone constantly told me) I had sleep apnea. I did…side note, he was an arrogant asshole… Moving on… he told me at that appointment that I had “enlarged tonsils” and recommended I see an Ears, nose an throat doctor about it.

Being the stubborn hard-head I am, I put it off until basically my family had just drove me crazy insisting. On April 5th I met with the Otolaryngologist aka Ears Nose and Throat Specialist. Now believe me I was dreading this appointment. Every person I had talked to who was an adult when they had their tonsils taken out had told me it was absolutely awful.

The doctor was very nice and professional but he definitely didn’t sugar coat anything. He made it very clear that I would experience a good deal of pain. My boss who had it done at the same age said he would rather have the steel rod put back in his leg than have his tonsils taken out…thanks boss man for the reassurance! XD

By the end of the appointment he had me scheduled for surgery on the 18th…he sure didn’t waste any time… which I guess I’m glad, less time to psych myself out.

My experience was sort of different then what the “norm” is I guess. Due to me having severe obstructive sleep apnea he wanted me to stay overnight for observation. This meant that I had my surgery at the Hospital instead of the Surgery Center at the Clinic. I have never had surgery before…never had an IV…never stayed in a hospital… So my anxiety level was off the charts.

Before the surgery I made plans to stay with my grandparents, due the the doctor advising I stay with someone. I had my Australian Shepherd boarded, the little Chorkie came along since he’s more portable and my grandma just likes him better because he’s tiny.

I had to be at the hospital at 9:45 and the surgery wasn’t scheduled until 11:45. We get there and get all signed in and go to pre-op. Considering what I knew was coming, I was pretty calm. To be honest I was more on edge about the IV then the actual surgery. (I have an issue with veins…not blood…veins…I know I’m weird)

When the time came to get the ball rolling I had 2 nurses and a nursing student. Which if I learned anything from Grays Anatomy it’s not to trust someone in training lol. She asked if I was ok with her doing my IV… I wasn’t but for the sake of education I agreed. To her credit she did a good job, I didn’t feel a thing. Unfortunately I had a bum vein or something in that hand so they had to re-do it in my other hand. This time the Nurse did it and again I didn’t feel a thing.

It was pretty humorous because I had told them how freaked out I was about the IV so the second nurse was asking me all sorts of random questions to keep me distracted. I was very impressed with these ladies.

Once they were done the doctor came in and talked a little bit about how things were going to proceed and then the anesthesiologist went over some things with me… My grandma was quick to comment on how young they were… I think she had a crush on the surgeon haha.

We just sat there and waited for a while before someone came to take me to the surgery room. Ironically she had gone to school with my sister and since my sister and I look a lot alike (according to everyone else) she knew who I was. Which was kind of nice because we were able to chat on the way and again keep me distracted.

The surgery room was as intimidating as I expected it to be. Bright and packed with big probey, scary looking equipment. Also there were like 5 people in there, which to me is way too many. I was already feeling super self conscious and awkward. I had on zero makeup, I was in nothing but the ugly hospital issued gown and I had my hair tucked up into one of those net cappy things. Luckily for me…again…all of those ladies were great. They asked me about myself and exchanged corny jokes while they were getting things ready. I did sort of freak for a few seconds when the one woman put the oxygen mask over my mouth and nose. It sort of took my breath away and I kind of panicked, fortunately that only lasted a couple seconds. The assistant anesthesiologist explained what was going to happen, she would administer the anesthesia liquid stuff through the IV and that it may sting… I didn’t know she was already doing it though, so all of a sudden I could feel the liquid come through the IV and I had time to say “Yeah that definitely stings” and that was it…lights out… And that stuff did sting, thank goodness I was out quickly!

When I woke up I was getting wheeled into the recovery room and the nurse was telling me I was out of surgery and everything went well. Now I was still pretty groggy and I couldn’t talk because apparently they had numbed my vocal chords or something. But the nurse was like “ok, I’m going to take this tube out of your nose” THE HELL YOU ARE!!! I didn’t even know I had a tube in my nose. Good thing I couldn’t talk because I would have said that aloud. Before I had time to react she was pulling it out…That was the worst feeling…ugh even in EMT Training that’s one thing that made me cringe was when we practicing inserting the Nasopharyngeal airway tubes on the dummy. Something about it just bothers me.

I was in recovery for 45 minutes I think, apparently they require at least that long. At that point my pain was at a 3, my main complaint was my tongue hurt and was like dried out and felt awful. The nurse gave me some ice though and after a while it was no longer an issue, she also gave me something for pain and after that I was feeling pretty good…all things considered.

Once I made it to my room, I was able to talk better but the drugs must have really kicked in because I quickly fell asleep and slept pretty solid for about 2 hours. For dinner they brought quite the spread. Pureed Cream of Chicken Soup, thinned mashed potatoes, vanilla ice cream, vanilla pudding, an ensure drink, cranberry juice, iced tea and hot tea. Most people always suggest cold food like ice cream and Popsicle’s but they hurt my throat. The warm (not hot) soup was the best option, followed by the hot tea (it had cooled significantly) which I added some sweetener to.

That night I (per doctors orders) had to sleep with my bi-pap machine. Which while I had one I never used it. I mean come on I am a single 25 year old woman… a bi pap is not exactly attractive. (Do not take this the wrong way, it’s not like men are frequenting my bed chambers lol) Anyway back to the story, that was not  enjoyable at all. It was the oxygen mask experience all over again… Except this time that sucker was blasting out air. It was like when you walk outside and the air takes your breath away… except it was every time I put it on and every time the seal broke. Which it did often because when I swallowed it hurt so bad I would scrunch my face up… breaking the seal. Plus I had the thing all strapped on and the damn phone rang and I couldn’t get the mask off in time to answer…. I think I got at most 2 hours of sleep.

In the morning they brought me a breakfast of chocolate ice cream, Greek yogurt, cream of wheat, orange juice, milk, ensure and hot tea. I had a couple of spoon fulls of cream of wheat and some of the yogurt but that’s about it. My pain was between a 5 and 6 at this point, bearable but not enjoyable at all.

The surgeon came and checked on me about 8 and they discharged me just after 9am.

My grandma had come to get me and we went to Walmart to get my prescription and some Children’s Ibuprofen. Of course I forgot to bring my insurance prescription card, and without it I was going to have to pay $80. So I had to call my insurance….that was fun, with no voice and severe pain when I tried to talk… I ended up just handing the phone to the pharmacy worker. Luckily she got the info and I only had to pay $10. That whole interaction wasn’t even the worst part of that Walmart experience…Worst of all was the fact that I had broke my cardinal rule of never wearing pj pants in public…but at least they were black, without holes or stains.

The first few days after surgery weren’t too bad, as long as I kept up with my medicine. Obviously talking and swallowing hurt, it felt like when you have strep throat but magnified. Nights were the worst, I made the mistake of sleeping through the alarm I had set to take medicine…BIG MISTAKE…after that I stuck to the schedule. Word of advice to anyone having this done, it’s a good idea to keep track of when you take your meds. I set alarms every 4 hours to remind me.

It may not be what you want to hear if you are having this done but the pain does gradually get worse. The first few days for me weren’t that bad but it did progressively escalate. Today is day 12 and I think I’m getting close to being back to normal and it’s my second day back at work. Today was the first day I had “normal” food. Meaning I didn’t have to blend food or have liquids. I had some popcorn chicken and boy did it taste good after 12 days of soup and mashed potatoes.

In summary I will say that it was not as bad as I was expecting it to be. Either I was given better meds or I’m just a total bad-ass lol. Either way it wasn’t a fun experience and I envy those who had theirs taken out when they were kids.



Halfway there…

Today I went to my third appointment for my supervised diet. Words cannot even express how excited I am to know I’m getting closer and closer to my new life. For those who don’t know or whose process is different. My insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield- Anthem) requires six consecutive months on a medically supervised diet. I know every insurance provider is different and even surgeons require certain things before WLS.

My primary insurance will not touch Bariatric Surgery, luckily I am blessed enough to still be covered on my dads insurance until I’m 26 and they do cover the surgery. Of course his deductible and out of pocket is considerably higher than my primary insurance provider but hey you won’t hear me complain. It’s still way cheaper then paying full price.

Even though the weather today was just a continuous torrential downpour I gladly braved the storm to make it to my appointment.

As far as the supervised diet is concerned it hasn’t been great. Of course I keep running into roadblocks, but I’m trying not to make excuses for myself. April has been a little tough keeping up with exercising and eating healthy. I switched to nights at work so I work 6pm to 6am. I think anyone who works night shift probably understands the struggle to eat healthy. Also on the 18th I had my tonsils taken out… (I will make a whole other post on that nightmare). But somehow the day after surgery I weighed myself and had gained two pounds… I didn’t and still don’t know how that’s possible considering all I’d eaten was chicken broth. Who knows, but luckily I lost that plus a few pounds before today. Whew!

Hopefully the next three months go quickly and smoothly!



Initial Consult

Monday I met with my surgeon! Doctors, appointments and hospitals give me mega anxiety so normally I end up cancelling.  While I was definitely anxious for this appointment my excitement trumped it. That’s correct, I was actually excited to go to an appointment. My biggest concern was that the surgeon I chose would be mean or arrogant. Or that he would turn me away for surgery for some reason.

My appointment was scheduled for 1130am. I walked into Dr. Minkin’s office and had all the paperwork finished by 1015am. Expecting to be waiting for a for a good while I settled into one of the waiting room chairs. I hadn’t even had a chance to open Words With Friends when my name was called.

The nurse took me back, weighed me, took my blood pressure and got my height. Then showed me into a room where I was to wait for Dr. Minkin. Again, I was prepared to settle in and wait for a while. But again I was surprised when only a few minutes had passed and Dr. Minkin walked in.

I was immediately put at ease by his calm, cool demeanor. He was very articulate and professional but made sure to explain everything thoroughly. He made sure to answer my questions and never made me feel rushed.

The consultation was fairly painless. The surgeon asked me asked me a few questions, reviewed my paperwork. He had me lift up my shirt so he could check my stomach for hernias. And…that’s about it.

I was given some forms that are required by my insurance for monthly check ups with my General Doctor. They also gave me a form with required exams on it and a number to call to set up the appointments.

I paid a $75 fee required for all first time bariatric patients and that was it…Home bound. A lot less traumatizing than anticipated.

My VSG Journey is beginning!

I finally have the ball rolling on my VSG Journey!!!

For those of you who do not know what VSG is it stands for Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. It is a type of weight loss surgery where they remove a large portion of your stomach. You are left with a smaller stomach, about the size of a banana. Which ultimately limits the amount of food you can eat at one time and making you feel full.

I have struggled with my weight my ENTIRE life, I’ve never not been big. I kept telling myself I’d lose the weight but here I am almost 25 and haven’t lost anything.

I’m not ready, emotionally or mentally to start talking numbers. Once I’m further into the process I may be more willing to reveal my weight and pant size and such.

Monday, February the 20th I have my first consultation with my surgeon. I am excited beyond words, but also nervous because I know that he could still turn me down for the surgery. I can’t even let myself think of that possibility now.

Weight loss surgery was not something I ever even thought about before, I never saw it as an option. I always associated it with the TLC “My 600 lb life” and assumed you had to be to that point in order to consider it. It wasn’t until a You tuber that I follow put out a video saying she had had VSG Surgery that I got to thinking about it. She is younger than I am and was no where near as heavy as me.

I started looking into it and reading blogs/watching Youtube vidoes on people who’ve had it. And without me knowing anything about it, my uncle had it done. Seeing how successful he has been with it and all that he is able to do now has pretty well set my mind.

This has already been a stressful, scary and nerve wracking journey. Please pray for me/think happy thoughts for me, especially Monday when I meet with my surgeon. I’ve never been so certain or determined to do something in my life.